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CareTIS provide "Techhnology", "Information", and"Service"
in the industrial and academic field related to health.

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2020.11.8.Updated  "In silico software" page  

2020.10.14."We just launched research and development of QCM biosensor."  

2020.10.13."Efforts to combat allergens"  

2020.10.12."An example of electrical natural frequency search"  

2020.10.12."Efforts for periodontal disease"  

2020.1.29.Added "Purpose of characteristic vibration (frequency) research" to "Epoch-making research intrests" .  

2020.1.22.Added "Influence of magnetic feld on silkworm biological signals" to "Epoch-making research intrests" .  

2019.12.25.Opened "Door To Creation".

2019.6.20. Updated the top page

2019.6.15. Uploaded "In silico software" page in < Academic information of our interests >

2019.6.7. Uploaded "Virtual intracellular communication" page in < Academic information of our interests >

2018.8.1. Updated the "Basic Technology" Page in < Company information >

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2020.11.8.Updated  "In silico software" page

2020.10.12."An example of electrical natural frequency search"

2020.1.28 The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2019 has been announced  

2018.7.13 We updated approach for stroke

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